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Taking legal action and hiring a lawyer is a big step. At Denton & Zachary, we are with you every step of the way. We are aggressive with insurance companies and attentive to our clients.

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DUI Charge Lawyer in Conway, Arkansas

How Long Will a DUI Charge Stay on My Record in Arkansas?

In the state of Arkansas, you can be charged with a DWI or DUI if you are driving ...
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Child Support Lawyer in Conway, Arkansas

Which Parent is Responsible for Paying Child Support in Arkansas?

Both parents, whether or not they remain married to each other, are responsible for the support of their ...
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CDV Charge Lawyer in Conway, Arkansas

If My Partner Changed Their Story, Why Am I Still Facing a CDV Charge in Conway, Arkansas?

If you find yourself facing a CDV charge in Conway, Arkansas, you understandably have a lot of questions ...
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CDV Charge Lawyer in Conway, Arkansas

When Can a CDV Charge Be Dropped in Conway, Arkansas?

Anyone facing a CDV charge in Conway, Arkansas will be asking their CDV attorney this one question: Will ...
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Criminal Defense and Family Lawyer Law Firm in Conway, Arkansas

Denton & Zachary Announce New Website and Web Presence for Law Services is proud to announce the expansion of their web presence with a new website that highlights their ...
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License Defense Lawyer in Conway, Arkansas

Ask a License Defense Lawyer: How Should I Handle a Professional License Complaint in Conway, AR?

Board investigations are not an easy thing to deal with. Even if you know you are completely innocent ...
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