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When you are involved in a family matter that needs legal assistance, you can count on a family law attorney in Conway, Arkansas to help you understand your rights. Your family law attorney can advise on family law issues such as divorce, alimony, child custody, and adoption, allowing you to settle your family matters with the guidance of a legal representative.
A family lawyer provides you with the assistance you need to help with family legal proceedings. Your family lawyer can protect your rights as a parent or family member and help facilitate the necessary court arrangements to ensure your case is handled properly and in a timely manner.
Many times, family matters can involve a great deal of emotion, and you need a family lawyer in Conway, AR, that can provide you with an objective view of your situation while also understanding your plight. Your family lawyer provides you with the opportunity to discuss your case and helps you understand the law as it relates to the family issue you are dealing with at the time.
Many of the family matters that Conway, Arkansas family law attorneys can offer you legal guidance on include:
Marriage rights
Divorce proceedings
Alimony payments
Child custody arrangements
Child support payments
Child visitation schedules
Grandparent adoptions
Family member adoptions
Stepparent adoptions
Independent adoptions
Temporary child custody
Name Changes

Your Divorce Lawyer in Conway, Arkansas

If you are thinking of filing for a divorce from your spouse, a Conway, Arkansas divorce lawyer can help you understand the state laws as they apply to you and your situation. The laws in Arkansas state that you must have lived apart from your spouse for at least 18 months before you can file for a divorce with the court. Here, there are no grounds necessary to complete the divorce, and no further explanation is necessary to receive a divorce with the court.
If you have not lived apart from your spouse for 18 months, you must have specific grounds for filing for divorce. These grounds may include:
Drug or alcohol abuse
Felony conviction
Mutual agreement between spouses
In addition, in order to have your divorce lawyer in Conway, Arkansas help you file for divorce, you or your spouse must have lived in the state for at least 60 days. The court will wait 30 days before granting a divorce under these circumstances. Your divorce lawyer can help you file your divorce request and ensure you have the proper documentation for filing.

Your Divorce Lawyer Can Help with Separating Assets After a Divorce in Conway, Arkansas

Arkansas is a 50:50 state where all assets acquired during the marriage are divided equally among both divorcing spouses. This would include any income, property, and personal possessions generated during the marriage. A judge will divide these assets in a manner that is considered fair and equal to both parties in the marriage.
Any assets that were acquired prior to the marriage or during the separation period are not considered assets of the marriage and stay with the owning spouse. Your Conway, Arkansas divorce lawyer can help you understand the court division of your personal property, income, and belongings and what rights your spouse has to your assets during a divorce. Talk to an experienced Arkansas divorce lawyer about any concerns you have with your asset division prior to your divorce.

Child Custody After a Divorce in Conway, Arkansas

As part of your divorce proceedings, you may want to consult with your Conway, Arkansas family law attorney about your rights to custody of your children. In Arkansas, the judge will give sole custody to the primary parent that has the most interest in the child and their livable rights. You need a family lawyer to support your side of the custody case. The other parent receives partial custody which may include a predetermined visitation schedule. To ensure the best interests of your child are met and to present your case in the best light possible, you need a family lawyer in Conway, Arkansas to walk you through the process from start to finish.
Sometimes, parents are unable to care for their children after a divorce, and a family lawyer in Conway, AR, can help you find a suitable guardian. Custody of your children could be granted to grandparents or another close family member. Talk to your divorce lawyer about your options for custody of your children after a divorce.

Alimony Lawyers in Conway, Arkansas, That Can Help with Alimony Payments

Another aspect of divorce that many spouses need to consider is alimony. You need alimony lawyers to ensure you are fairly compensated for your time in the marriage. In some instances, alimony may be paid to your spouse or to yourself to help you maintain the standard of living that you were accustomed to during the marriage. In Arkansas, your alimony lawyers advise you on your legal right to receiving alimony or if you will be responsible for paying for this support through your divorce order.
Alimony payments continue as arranged by the court until your spouse decides to remarry, produces a child in another relationship, or passes away. You do have a right to petition the court to review your alimony payments and Conway, Arkansas alimony lawyers can help guide you through the legal process of reducing or receiving alimony payments after a divorce. Working with alimony lawyers can provide you with a better opportunity to receive alimony in a divorce. Your alimony lawyers will establish your financial need for alimony and ensure you are paid fairly by your spouse.
If you are looking to avoid paying alimony to your spouse, you need alimony lawyers to help fight for your rights in court. Your alimony lawyers can develop a case that supports your claims and prove the financial means of your spouse.

Ask Adoption Lawyers in Conway, Arkansas About Your Adoption Rights

Conversely, your Conway, AR, family law attorney can also assist you in your adoption proceedings. These are typically joyous times for those who are looking to expand their family with a child and need the court to grant them adoption rights. Working with an adoption lawyer can help you complete the process of adopting a child whether it is a private adoption or the adoption of a family member.
Your adoption lawyer in Conway, Arkansas, can help you understand the different types of adoption available to you and what your legal rights are as a parent, guardian or family member. You may choose to have an independent adoption of a child that is facilitated by an adoption lawyer. In these cases, your adoption lawyer draws up the necessary paperwork and petitions the court for your hearing. The court will grant you parental rights of the child, so you can go on making memories as a parent.

Grandparent or Blood Relative Adoptions in Conway, Arkansas

In other cases, grandparents may seek to adopt a child if a parent is unable to financially, mentally or physically care for them. These blood relative adoption cases happen very quickly and are easier to have granted by the court. Grandparents or even other blood relatives may need to show cause as to the inability for a parent to care for a child. Birth parents may be deceased, incarcerated or even chemically dependent, which prevents them from caring for a child.
Grandparents or other family members may seek to adopt more than one child or all siblings of a family, and a Conway, Arkansas adoption lawyer can move these cases through the court quickly and efficiently. This will allow you to move forward with your new family arrangement without any obstacles holding you up or preventing you from caring for the ones that you love the most.

Stepparent Adoptions in Conway, Arkansas

Stepparents also have rights when it comes to adopting the children of their spouses. These adoptions are granted easily when the birth mother or father gives up their right to the child. Your child’s birth parent may fight these rights, which is why you need a Conway, Arkansas adoption lawyer that knows the law when it comes to stepparent adoptions.
Birth parents that are difficult to locate or refuse to give up their parental rights can be forced by the court to surrender custody of their children to a stepparent that proves they have a loving interest in the child. Allow your adoption lawyer in Conway, AK, to help you with your adoption case and complete your family.

Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Conway, Arkansas

When you work with a Conway, AR, family lawyer, your family matters are resolved easily and quickly. Your family law attorney knows the best solution to your family issues and can provide you the legal advice you need to make the best decision about your case. A family lawyer will lay out your legal options so you can choose the best course of action for your family and increase your chances of a successful case in court.
Whether you are looking to undergo a divorce, adopt a child or receive alimony payments, you need a Conway, Arkansas family lawyer to help guide you through the legal system. Your family lawyer can be your support system during your family trouble and offer you that calm in the midst of chaos. Allow your Conway, Arkansas family lawyer to help you win your family law case. A family lawyer will fight for your legal rights and deliver results that make a difference in your life and your family’s.

Family Law Attorneys in Conway

When you have a family issue that needs legal assistance, you can count on the Conway, AR family lawyers at Arkansas Lawyer to assist you with your case. We can provide you with the legal guidance you need to solve the family legal problem you are battling and fight for your rights as a parent, grandparent, or a just a loving family member. Allow a family law attorney at Arkansas Lawyer to help you with your case. Contact us today for a consultation.