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Your family is the most important part of your life. Often families undergo challenges that require the assistance of a family law lawyer. You may be experiencing challenges with your spouse or have legal issues with your children. If so, rely on the assistance and guidance of a Little Rock family law attorney.

A Little Rock family law attorney can help guide you on a variety of family law issues and serve your legal needs in accordance with the law. You can count on an Arkansas family law lawyer to help you through difficult family situations like divorce, child custody disagreements, or family adoptions.

When you are in need of advice surrounding legal issues related to your family, don’t hesitate to contact a family law lawyer at Arkansas Lawyer for help. Let us support you through these difficult times and help you find a solution that works for your family.

Legal Services From Your Arkansas Family Law Attorney

An Arkansas family law lawyer can help your family resolve the issues you are facing when mediation services do not provide the answer you are looking for in your case. By taking control of your family legal issues, you and your family will find legal protection under the law, and a family law attorney can help ensure the protection of your legal rights.

Your Little Rock family law attorney offers family legal services for:

  • Spousal divorce
  • Laws related to marriage
  • Legal rights for LGBTQ
  • Financial support for spouses
  • Child support and custody agreements
  • Asset and household divisions
  • Family adoption
  • Parental legal rights
  • Paternity resources and counsel
  • Child neglect issues
  • Legal protection for domestic abuse
  • Marriage separations
  • Marriage annulments
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Legal name changes

Your family law lawyer will help you understand your rights and work to provide you with options that work for your legal situation. Legal problems that affect your family can be emotional, which is why you need a Little Rock family law attorney that understands the law to provide you with the answers you need to your legal questions.

When a legal situation affects your family, it can cause a serious fracture in the relationship of your spouse, children, and relatives. By seeking legal counsel with an Arkansas family law lawyer, you can save these relationships by having a legal representative act as the liaison between plaintiff and defendant.

Working with a Little Rock family law attorney can provide you with closure for the problems that are plaguing your family. Your family law lawyer takes great care in making sure you receive the support you need throughout the entire legal process. A good lawyer is sensitive to your needs and committed to helping you get through this trying and emotional time in your and your family’s life.

Arkansas Divorce Lawyers Committed to Protecting Your Legal Rights

Making the decision to get a divorce can be difficult for you and your loved ones. While you may be primarily thinking of the emotional impact of ending the relationship, there are several legal aspects to take into account with your divorce, as well. A Little Rock divorce lawyer can help you understand the Arkansas divorce laws and how they will affect your rights when it comes to the separation of assets and custody of your children.

In order to request a divorce by the court, you and your spouse must live apart for 18 months. If you have not been separated for this long, that does not mean that you cannot get a divorce. The court will still grant a divorce if there is “just cause”, which could mean:

  • Adultery by one or both spouses
  • Continued alcohol or drug abuse
  • Felony conviction of a spouse
  • Agreement by both spouses to dissolve the marriage

Your Little Rock divorce lawyer can help you through the divorce process by establishing just cause in your case. They will establish the legal grounds for the divorce in order to increase the chances of a judge ruling in your best interests.

Property & Asset Division Help from Your Little Rock Divorce Lawyer

Having a Little Rock divorce lawyer that supports you during your divorce proceedings can help you receive the most assets in your case. Because Arkansas is not an equitable state, there is not a 50:50 division of assets. You should be entitled to your share of property and finances regardless if your name is attached to the account.

The judge in your divorce case will make their decision based on what is considered a fair division. Since this is not always an equal division of property and assets, you need an Arkansas divorce lawyer that will ensure you are granted all the assets you accumulated in your marriage.

Alimony Payment Assistance from Your Arkansas Divorce Lawyer

Your divorce lawyer in Little Rock will also work to ensure you receive alimony when required. They will work to establish your need for alimony to maintain your lifestyle and get you the compensation you deserve in a divorce proceeding.

Your alimony will continue for the predetermined timeframe ordered by the court unless you remarry, have a child as a result of another relationship, or you or your spouse dies. Your Arkansas divorce lawyer can advise you on how to keep continued payments of your alimony support in accordance with the law.

Child Custody Representation from Your Little Rock Divorce Lawyer

As a parent, you keep your child’s best interests at heart. When it comes to divorce proceedings, this could mean ensuring you gain full custody of your children or making sure you get regular time with them throughout the year. The court in Arkansas typically provides sole custody to one parent with visitation rights given to the other parent. If you and your spouse agree on joint custody, the judge will agree to the arrangement if it is in the best interest of the child.

The judge in your child custody case will take all factors into account such as who the primary caregiver to the child is and who has the main relationship with the child. Your divorce lawyer will ensure your rights are preserved as a parent and provide you with the custody arrangement that best suits your family’s needs.

Child Support Counsel from Your Arkansas Divorce Lawyer

As part of your divorce proceedings, which parent pays and receives child support will also need to be decided. If you are awarded full custody, your divorce lawyer will request your spouse pay for the support of your child as part of your divorce proceedings. Your spouse is required to pay child support and/or provide health insurance for your child until they reach the age of 18.

Any changes in your child support arrangement will need to go through the court system. Your spouse will have these payments deducted from their check and payments will be made directly to you through the state. Your Arkansas divorce lawyer will handle your request for child support and fight to get you the support your child needs to live a full and happy life after the divorce.

From filing for divorce to determining child custody, the divorce process can be emotionally taxing for everyone involved. By relying on experienced legal representation from a Little Rock divorce lawyer, you can focus on moving forward in life while your attorney handles all legal proceedings and fights for your rights in court.

Little Rock Adoption Lawyers That Care About Your Family

When you are considering adoption as a way to start or expand your family, you need the legal assistance of an adoption attorney that can help you through the complex process. While your excitement rises in anticipation at the prospect of having a child become your legal son or daughter, your Arkansas adoption lawyer will handle all the legal aspects of your case.

They will work to file the necessary legal documents with the court and make sure you are able to adopt a child and welcome them into your family.

Private Family Adoption Advice from Your Little Rock Adoption Lawyer

Private (or independent) adoption is a great way to find the perfect new addition to your family with the assistance of a lawyer. No matter if you are interested in an international or instate adoption, your Little Rock adoption lawyer can walk you through the process from start to finish.

Your Arkansas adoption lawyer will ensure you satisfy all the adoption requirements and help you through these private adoption procedures. Whether you are making arrangements with a birth mother for the adoption of a child or through a foreign country, your lawyer will handle the proceedings to the letter of the law, making sure you can welcome your bundle of joy with open arms.

Relative Adoption Guidance from Your Arkansas Adoption Lawyer

If you are a relative looking to adopt a child in your family because of neglect or the death of their parents, an adoption lawyer will help you with the legal arrangements of the case. In a lot of cases, relative adoptions take place when a parent cannot care for their birth children due to prison sentences, drug abuse, mental health problems, physical disorders or lack of financial means.

Relative adoptions often happen quickly as the requirements for these adoptions are not as stringent. When you have consent from the birth parents to end their parental rights, a Little Rock adoption lawyer can quickly expedite the adoption process for the safety of the child.

In cases where the birth parents are contesting their rights, your adoption lawyer can help you prove that the child is being neglected in your adoption case. With this evidence, your lawyer can encourage the judge to transfer the parental rights over to the relatives of the child and move forward with the adoption proceedings.

Stepparent Adoption Support from Your Little Rock Adoption Lawyer

A stepparent looking to adopt a spouse’s child will find the procedures in place for adoption relatively simplistic in nature. If the birth parent consents to the adoption by a stepparent, the process is smooth and requires minimal paperwork to approve the adoption process.

Your Arkansas adoption lawyer will handle all the necessary documentation. They can also work to help you with stepparent adoptions where the birth parent is missing or does not consent to the adoption. They will work through the legal process with you in these cases and help you understand what your legal rights are as a stepparent.

Same-Sex Adoption Counseling from Your Arkansas Adoption Lawyer

Same-sex parents interested in adoption can rely on an adoption attorney to help them through the process. As a same-sex married couple, you have the option of adopting your spouse’s child as a stepparent or jointly adopting a child as a couple. No matter which is right for you, your Little Rock adoption lawyer will ensure you are afforded your legal rights as a same-sex parent and help you through the entire adoption process.

Allow your adoption lawyer to walk you through the adoption process that makes the most sense for you and your spouse. They will help to protect your rights according to the law and make the adoption process as seamless as possible, so you can get on your way to enjoying your family.

Having a Little Rock adoption lawyer on your side when you choose adoption will make the process much quicker and easier. An adoption attorney will help you understand your legal rights in an adoption case and ensure you can meet the requirements according to the law in Arkansas.

Consult with an Arkansas Family Law Attorney Today

When faced with family law issues that were not resolvable through mediation, a Little Rock family law attorney can help you find a legal resolution that meets your best interests. The family law lawyers at Arkansas Lawyer can assist you in finding a legal solution for you and your family. A family law attorney will fight for your legal rights and get you the justice that you deserve. Contact us today to set up a consultation to discuss your case.