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Ask a License Defense Lawyer: How Should I Handle a Professional License Complaint in Conway, AR?

Board investigations are not an easy thing to deal with. Even if you know you are completely innocent regarding an accusation or complaint, ignoring a board investigation in Conway, AR could cost you your career and entire livelihood. For a solid professional license defense, you need a trusted license defense lawyer in Conway, Arkansas.

Whether it’s your first time receiving a letter of complaint or you have been in this position several times in the past, you should know that there are certain steps you must take in handling board investigations. One wrong move could result in a less than favorable outcome for your professional license defense.

When it comes to handling a board investigation or complaint in Conway, AR there are a few important things you must remember.

The Proper Way to Handle a Complaint with Your License Defense Lawyer in Conway, AR

Once you have received a notice of complaint by your professional board, you may be tempted to respond to the allegations through a letter. You may even contact the individual or client who has made the complaint. However, any Conway license defense lawyer will not recommend doing this. Although the intentions behind your actions may be good, this could potentially hurt your professional license defense case.

License Defense Lawyer in Conway, Arkansas

A license defense lawyer from Arkansas Lawyer can help you protect your reputation and career.

In fact, even if the investigators themselves arrive at your doorstep, you should refrain from giving them any information. In the same way, you have to be wary about handing them any document that they may request from you. The only way to strengthen your professional license defense is to do it through your license defense lawyer.

It is also important to identify which experts in your field or industry can be of further help in dealing with the complaint. You may ask your attorney to help in identifying such people, whether in the healthcare industry, in the academy, or others.

Although it may be tempting for you to discuss your case with anyone willing to lend a listening ear, most license defense attorneys in Conway, AR will advise against this. Not everyone who listens to you will have your best interests at heart. If you feel the need to vent about the situation, do it only with trusted family members and friends. Anything you say could be used against you in front of the board or in court.

Do I Need to Contact my Insurance Carrier in Conway, AR for a Professional License Defense?

Yes. Contacting your insurance provider is also a good initial step in a professional license defense case. In fact, you are required to contact your malpractice insurance provider at the earliest time possible in the event of any complaint or claim. Any failure to inform your insurance carrier regarding the complaint within a stipulated period may affect your ability to claim through insurance coverage.

Furthermore, your malpractice insurance policy may include access to various forms of assistance, including the services of a license defense lawyer.

Legal representation is needed once you are requested to face the licensing board and/or the entities which have forwarded the complaint. Thus, it is important to check the kinds of coverage included in your malpractice insurance policy and whether your carrier has included the assistance of a license defense lawyer for your complaint or on-going case.

When you are working with a committed defense attorney, they will help you in navigating the complex board complaint process. Your lawyer will also inform you of the possible sanctions or disciplinary actions you could be facing as a result of board procedures.

In addition, your legal counsel will inform you of the possible mistakes you should not be committing, such as taking legal action against the complainant in return and altering any document to emphasize your innocence. All of these could potentially hurt your defense.

Talk to a License Defense Lawyer at Arkansas Lawyer for Your Professional License Defense in Arkansas

Here at Arkansas Lawyer, we understand the immensity of a board investigation in Conway, AR. Clearly, it is meant to be neither taken lightly nor completely ignored. This is why we provide the kind of professional license defense you can trust.

A license suspension or revocation could easily cost you money, time, and worst of all, your entire livelihood. You cannot let a simple board complaint escalate into insurmountable proportions. Your best recourse is to talk to a license defense lawyer in Conway, AR.

Reach out to Arkansas Lawyer today for a free consultation. Our license defense lawyers are ready to get started on your professional license defense right away.