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If My Partner Changed Their Story, Why Am I Still Facing a CDV Charge in Conway, Arkansas?

If you find yourself facing a CDV charge in Conway, Arkansas, you understandably have a lot of questions about what your legal rights may be. A criminal domestic violence (CDV) lawyer can tell you that this type of case can be a complex thing, but it can become even more complicated should your partner change their story. If you find yourself in a situation like this one, we urge you to reach out to an experienced CDV defense lawyer in Conway, Arkansas to discuss your case. Your criminal domestic violence lawyer in Conway, Arkansas will explain the specifics of your case, the charges you are facing, and the reasons why your case may not change even if your partner changes their story.

Understanding CDV Charges in Conway, AR

A criminal domestic violence charge in Conway Arkansas is defined as the use of physical harm against a household member. This includes spouses, domestic partners, former spouses or partners, the other parent of your child, or any other person you are currently or formerly cohabiting with.

The reason behind a CDV charge is rather simple in itself, but the legal process can quickly become difficult and unclear. A CDV charge in Conway, Arkansas is not strictly a misdemeanor or a felony, for instance, and the way that your charges are processed will depend upon how severe the allegations against you are, and on your history of violent behavior, if any.

If your current or former partner has made allegations of criminal domestic violence against you, this can have serious repercussions, including arrest, incarceration, and potentially a criminal conviction. This is one of the many reasons why it is vital that you contact an experienced CDV defense lawyer in Conway, Arkansas to help you fight these charges. We understand the laws and regulations governing criminal domestic violence in Arkansas, and can help you navigate this complex system.

What Does it Mean When My Partner Recants Their Statement?

CDV Charge Lawyer in Conway, Arkansas

If you are facing a CDV charge, then Arkansas Lawyer can help you with your case.

Recanting is what we call it when the victim of domestic violence changes their story. If your partner has recanted the allegation of violence against you, you may still face jail time. However, by working with a criminal domestic violence lawyer in Conway Arkansas, these recanted stories can result in further investigation as to the truth of the original complaint. By catching your partner changing their story, you and your CDV lawyer can open a line of questioning that allows you to clearly tell your side of the story.

Recanting doesn’t imply that your partner takes back the entire allegation; it can simply mean changing the details of events in their story as well. Anyone recanting a statement can have an affect on the charges against you, but a criminal domestic violence lawyer can help you ensure it has the most positive effect possible.

How Recanting Statements May Affect Your CDV Charges in Conway Arkansas

The extent to which your partner changing their story will affect your charges depends upon the other evidence that exists in support of the original report. Because this initial report is most likely what initiated the CDV charges against you, the Conway, AR police are themselves obligated to completely investigate the allegations against you.
The obligation of the police to investigate, however, does not mean that your partner needs to cooperate with them. The investigation can and will continue with or without your partner’s aid, because the police have other tools on their side, including photographic evidence of injuries or property damage, police reports, recordings of 911 calls, initial police interviews, and in some cases surveillance recordings, medical records, and witness testimony.

Because of all these other potential factors in your CDV charge, your partner changing their story may only have a minimal effect on the weight of evidence against you, particularly if that evidence includes medical records, video footage, or other such concrete elements. If you are facing a CDV charge in Conway, Arkansas it is very important that you seek the assistance of a criminal domestic violence lawyer to ensure that you are given a fair trial and a fair investigation. If the allegations against you are false or have been misinterpreted, the CDV lawyers at Arkansas Lawyer will work to clear these up as soon as possible.

Reach Out to an Arkansas Lawyer to Discuss Your CDV Charge

The experienced CDV lawyers at Arkansas Lawyer are pleased to offer our legal services for criminal domestic violence defense. Don’t face your charges alone. If your partner is changing their story — let an attorney help.