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It takes a lot of hard work and years of study to become a professional pharmacist. Your work as a pharmacist is extremely important, and every day you are required to perform at your peak. Employed as a pharmacist, you probably work long hours and are under a lot of stress. You must always abide by the rules and regulations in place by the Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA and Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy. If you are the subject of a complaint, you need to take immediate action to defend your license and protect yourself against criminal charges and disciplinary action by reaching out to an Arkansas pharmacist license defense lawyer.

Help Through the Investigation Process

When someone files a complaint against you, an investigation begins. The investigation is generally completed through the Arkansas Department of Health or the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy, depending on the type of grievance. You will be informed of a complaint through a formal process. Some of the most common types of complaints against pharmacists include:

  • Violation of State or Federal Laws
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Failure to follow standard procedures
  • Unlawful distribution or acquisition of medication
  • Deceptive conduct
  • Fraudulent practices

It is extremely important to respond to the complaint in a timely manner. Your failure to do so will make it more difficult to defend the situation and retain your license. Complaints against a pharmacist are serious, and each one is thoroughly investigated. You cannot assume that you did nothing wrong and so, therefore, you don’t need to worry about the problem. In fact, you must respond appropriately to any complaint filed against you, even if you feel it is not true.

Once a complaint has been filed, the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy performs a full investigation into the matter. Depending on their findings, a disciplinary proceeding may follow. These procedures can be complex and require you to put on a complete defense to the claims in order to save both your reputation and your license. It is important to note that you should obtain your own counsel for this process. Do not rely on your insurance to provide you with legal assistance in the matter.

Pharmacy License Complaint Process

When a complaint is filed against you, the Pharmacy License Board will begin an investigation. You can expect to be called for an interview as part of this process. Although you may feel as though the Board is made up of friendly people, some of whom you may know, you need to understand their position on the matter. They are not there to protect you but rather to find out exactly what took place so that they can take adequate disciplinary measures if warranted.

You might feel as though you can attend the interview on your own, however, this could be a mistake. Keep in mind that even if the allegations against you are false, you could end up with a severe penalty if you cannot provide an adequate defense. First and foremost, do not admit guilt. There may be something you did in relation to the complaint that you feel was not correct. However, resist the temptation to discuss the situation in depth until you first speak with a pharmacy license defense lawyer in Conway, Arkansas.

Not every complaint results in disciplinary action and you are innocent until proven guilty. When a complaint is made, the board reviews it to determine whether it is legitimate. If it is substantiated, the process will proceed. In some instances, the board may find that the claim is unsubstantiated. This may be because the claimant feels he was treated unfairly or has some other type of grievance.

It is extremely important that you respond quickly to any allegations of wrongdoing. This is particularly necessary for situations where the complaint is not substantiated. You and your pharmacist license defense lawyer will provide the necessary details to the board so they can properly evaluate the case and dispose of it without any action.

Pharmacy License Defense in Conway, Arkansas

Do not delay when you receive a notice of complaint. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, but if you wait too long to act, you could lose your ability to adequately provide a solid professional license defense. Remember that your pharmacy license is on the line, and if you are found guilty of a serious offense, you might lose the ability to practice pharmacy. This means that you might lose your livelihood and everything that you have worked so hard to achieve over the years.

A pharmacist license defense attorney in Conway, Arkansas will assist you from the moment you find out about the complaint. Your attorney understands the complexities of these types of cases and will work to defend your rights and protect your pharmacy license. It is essential to speak with a pharmacist license defense lawyer as soon as you learn of the complaint because the details of the situation will be much more readily available and your pharmacist license defense lawyer will start to handle your defense immediately. It is best that you do not respond to the complaint or speak with an investigator until you first seek guidance from an attorney.

The Investigation Phase of a Complaint

It may be in your best interest to present a professional license defense as quickly as possible. The sooner you provide information regarding the matter, the sooner the board can make a determination as to whether the complaint is substantiated. If you can show proof that you did not do anything wrong or that the person making the claim had a reason to be vindictive, the board may decide to drop the matter entirely. This is one of the best possible outcomes for the situation.

Resolving the matter before it goes further will eliminate the need for further action, and the matter may be effectively resolved without any penalties. It is almost always better to try to handle the situation during the initial investigation phase before it goes further. When a matter is resolved in this way, it may not be reported or published online or in print. This would greatly benefit you in the long run.

Additionally, it is advantageous to maintain your professional pharmacy license rather than having to work towards a reinstatement in the future. This can be a lengthy and costly process. While your matter is under investigation, you may be out of work. By resolving the complaint before it goes further, you have a better chance of finding employment because the board has not yet published any details.

Defending Your Pharmacy License

You need to be proactive about defending your pharmacy license if you are under attack. The possibility of losing your license is serious and cannot be taken lightly. It is important to note that you may not have adequate protection from your employer to cover your legal defense. Therefore, you need to sure that you obtain legal representation as soon as possible.

Professional license defense can be complex and requires extensive research and preparation. Your attorney may need to review documentation, depose witnesses and gather information to ensure the best possible defense. You will be required to go before the board to answer their questions. This should only be done with assistance from your lawyer. There are many possible defenses that can be utilized in these types of cases. Each situation is different, and the specific details of the case will determine the best way to proceed.

Losing your pharmacy license is the most serious of the possible consequences, but there are other concerns as well. You may face other penalties if you are found guilty of having acted improperly. You could have to pay fines and might have restrictions placed on your license. It may be hard to find work in the future because of a blemish on your record.  It can be difficult to reinstate your license if it is revoked or suspended. This, too, requires assistance from a license defense lawyer in Conway, Arkansas. Even though the complaint made against you may seem unfair, it is still up to you to defend yourself and protect your pharmacy license. You need to speak with a Conway, Arkansas pharmacist license defense lawyer immediately. Your pharmacist license defense lawyer will answer your questions and guide you through the process so that you can retain your license and continue to work as a pharmacist.

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